3 Benefits of Using a Drum Mulcher Attachment

If you want to clear and mulch land on a construction project, then you might have decided to use a specialist attachment. You can use a disc or drum attachment for this kind of job.

If you've never used a mulching attachment before, then a drum mulcher is a reliable and effective solution. Why should you use this option?

1. Drum Mulchers Work Below Ground Level  

If the land you need to clear is overgrown and wild, then you might have to deal with some trees and large shrubs. Once you cut or pull them down, you'll have to work out what to do with their stumps.

You don't necessarily need a specialist stump grinder here. Your drum mulching attachment might be able to help. These mulchers can work below ground level. They can break up any stump above the ground before mulching a little way underground.

Disc mulchers can't do this job. They typically only work at ground level. So, if you have small stumps and root systems on your land, a drum mulcher can deal with them more efficiently. They can help level out your land.

2. Drum Mulchers Make High-Quality Mulch

The quality of your mulch matters. Typically, smaller pieces of mulch are better. For example, if you're leaving your mulch on the ground so that it can feed back into the earth, then smaller pieces will break down faster. The faster your mulch breaks down, the sooner you'll see beneficial effects.

If you don't want to mulch your site, then you could sell your mulch. You'll typically get a better price for a higher-quality product that comes in smaller pieces.

Disc mulchers usually produce larger pieces of mulch. However, drum mulchers automatically create smaller and finer pieces. You'll get higher-quality results.

3. Drum Mulchers Are Safer

You should buy or hire a mulching attachment that works safely on your land clearance jobs. You have to protect your crews and any people who happen to be around the mulcher while it is at work.

Even though you'll take steps to keep your working area clear while you mulch, the type of attachment you use has an impact here. The spinning motion of a disc mulcher does sometimes mean that pieces of debris can fly into the air as you work.

Drum mulchers operate more safely. Their operating technique pushes cut and mulched debris down onto the ground where it can't do any damage.

To find out more about mulching attachments, contact your equipment supplier or hire company.