Dewatering Pumps and Property Renovation

Buying older homes and renovating them is becoming an increasingly popular option in real estate. But there are some issues with the property that may require more than just simple replacement and repair. For example, you may have areas that have poor drainage and are causing items, such as an outside HVAC unit, to sink. In order to renovate these areas, you will need special equipment like dewatering pumps. Here are some ways that dewatering pumps can help you, and what you need to know about them.

Removal of Soil Water

If the drainage is poor in certain areas of the property, you will notice a severe water log in those areas. This standing water keeps the topsoil and underlying soil moist for extended periods of time. As the soil stays moist, it loses its integrity. This means that even the hardest soil can become loose and unstable if it is left moist for too long. In order to create a better drainage option, you will need to remove the water from the soil. One way to do this quickly is by using a dewatering pump. The water is pumped out, allowing you to see the full range of the drainage issue so a new plan can be put in place to remedy the water logging and build durability in the area.

Removal of Man-Made Ponds

Some property may have man-made ponds and lakes that were built to sustain fish. You might find that you don't want this pond or lake on the site and would rather use the land for other purposes. You can do this with larger dewatering pumps. The pumps are placed around the pond or lake. Once put in place they are used to pump out the water and pump it into a retaining barrel or truck. The water is then moved off the property, and the land allowed to dry out. New soil can then be brought in, and the land can be built back up to be used for other purposes.

Sinking Reversal

Heat pumps, garbage bin storage and storage sheds are placed on concrete slabs. These slabs are placed directly on durable and flat land. If the land around the slabs has poor drainage, the soil can stay wet and begin to sink. For example, you may have a drainage pipe from an indoor HVAC system or from a washing machine. The drainage can build up and cause the ground to sink around the slabs. Dewatering pumps can pump out the water. This allows a contractor to bring in more soil, build up the area and reverse the slabs from sinking and leading to costly repairs.

If you have these issues on your property during your renovation, contact your landscaper or contractor. They can use dewatering pumps to help with your issues. They can also offer options to renovate the area and help create better drainage to avoid the same issues in the future.