Forklift Hire Tips You Should Remember Before Booking

Have you realised that your company needs to hire a forklift? Hiring a forklift can be less costly, thus saving you a lot of money on your project. To make an informed choice, however, you need to know the key factors to look for in a reliable company. So, to make the task easier, this post will share essential forklift hire information.


Before you pick a forklift, it's important to know the approximate weight of the items you'll be lifting. All forklifts have specific abilities and only lift certain weights. Make sure you have this information before you go to your supplier so that they can identify the right forklift for your job.


How long are you planning to use the forklift for? Most forklift hire businesses have fleets which are subject to availability. When you know how long you require the forklift, you'll inform the supplier, and they will be able to indicate the availability of the required forklift.

Lifting height

Another critical detail you need to consider is the maximum height you'll need to lift your items. As aforementioned, forklifts have rated load limits and capacities. The attachments and masts have been designated according to the rated capacities, so they can't be overloaded for security reasons. The higher you wish to lift your goods, the less the overall capacity should be. This information is vital when you are picking a forklift for warehouse racking. When you know your maximum weight, it will be easier for the supplier to find the best equipment for your application.

Additionally, make sure you take note of the heights of all entry points you may have to drive the equipment through. The forklift supplier needs to know this to make sure the forklift mast collapsed height can allow you to enter through entrances and doorways.


Do you know your budget? Just like most industries, the forklift industry is competitive. Your budget will guide you to make a smart decision. If you're searching for a short-term forklift, consider contacting a close supplier; this will lower the transportation expenses. In case your forklift requirements are more detailed, consider choosing a larger supplier. Large companies have a more comprehensive fleet so they can help you to find a suitable hire solution quickly. Another benefit you will get when you go for a larger hire company is that they have service technicians on call if the equipment breaks down.