Criteria for Choosing Access Equipment for Your Construction Project

Any piece of equipment that is specifically built to function as a safe work platform for people who need to work at height is regarded as access equipment. There are various types of access equipment available for hire. They include scaffolds, scissor lifts, and boom lifts, just to mention a few. The large number of options available can make it difficult to make a decision on which type of equipment is the right one. 

If you are looking to hire access equipment for a particular construction job that involves working at height, you might be wondering about what criteria to use in determining which type of equipment you should select.

There is a whole raft of factors you should consider to ensure you choose the most suitable access equipment for your job. Here are a few critical factors you should think through.

The maximum height you will be working at.

If you need to hire access equipment, it is because you've got a job that has to be performed at height. Therefore, the height of the job is the biggest factor to consider because the equipment that you pick won't be useful to you if it can't reach the required height. Each type of access equipment is designed to safely reach a specific height, so make sure you select something that can safely reach your maximum working height. 

The maximum lift capacity you will require.

What's the maximum number of people you will need to work at height from your access platform at the same time? What tools will they be working with? It is important for you to think through these important questions and answer them accordingly as they will impact the safety of your equipment during operation. Hire access equipment that can safely support the weight of all people you will need to work at height simultaneously together with their work tools. 

Site-specific considerations.

To hire the right access equipment for your construction job, there are a number of site-specific considerations you will need to make. One of the key things you will need to consider in this regard the condition of the ground. Sites with weak soils, for example, may not be able to support the weight of heavy powered access equipment without proper soil stabilisation being done first. Likewise, a scaffold tower shouldn't be erected on uneven ground, as it may be unstable to work from. 

Considering other factors such as availability or non-availability of electricity and whether work is to be performed indoors or outdoors can also help you choose the right power source for your equipment. 

While there may be other factors to consider, this guide should get you on the path to choosing the right access equipment for your construction project.