3 Occasions When You May Need to Call in an Emergency Crane Hire Service

If you are carrying out construction work, you will have hired and transported all of the equipment you need for the job before work commences. However, unexpected events can occur which may require you to call in an emergency mobile crane. An emergency mobile crane operator will be able to supply you with the lifting gear you need to solve the problems you are facing. Below is a guide to 3 occasions when you may need to call in an emergency crane hire service.

Heavy equipment failure

If a piece of heavy plant such as an earthmover or excavator breaks down onsite or becomes trapped in heavy soil, you will need to use a crane to lift it free and onto the back of a transporter so it can be take off for repair. While you may already have cranes onsite, these may not be suitable for the job or may not be located in the right position to lift the broken down heavy equipment. A mobile emergency crane company will be able to quickly supply you with the right type of crane which can be driven into position so the broken down or trapped equipment can be recovered.

Fallen trees

Sometimes, construction work can damage the roots of surrounding trees causing them to fall. If a heavy tree falls onto your construction site, it can cause a major blockage which can prevent work from continuing. While smaller trees can be chopped into pieces using a chainsaw, larger trees may prove too large to cut and too heavy to move. A mobile crane can be used to lift fallen trees from the work site so work can continue.

Sewer pipe collapse 

The weight of heavy vehicles moving over a location which contains underground sewers can sometimes result in the concrete pipe fracturing. If part of a sewer pipe fails, it can present a serious hazard to human health and a danger to the local environment. It is your responsibility as a construction contractor to take immediate steps to repair the damage. Before repair work can begin, you will first need to remove the damaged sections of sewer pipe. The easiest way to do this is to call in an emergency crane service who will provide you with the equipment you need to lift and replace the concrete. If you would like to find out more, you should contact a mobile crane company, such as Davo's Crane Hire, today.