What to Consider When Selecting Seats for Your Heavy Duty Construction Trucks

Operating heavy duty construction trucks is no easy job. For this reason, purchasing the right truck seats for your heavy duty construction fleet is critical to ensuring that your truck drivers are safe and comfortable on the job. Before making a final purchase decision, however, it is important to have in mind that not all truck seats available on the auto and auto accessories market are made the same. Knowing what to consider when selecting truck seats for your construction fleet is critical to ensuring that you purchase the right products. 

Below are some critical things you should think about when it is time to buy new truck seats for your construction fleet. 


Because operation of construction-grade trucks usually generates heavy vibrations, truck drivers are usually subjected to whole body vibrations (WBVs), which are transmitted through the truck seats. WBVs are a major occupational risk for heavy-duty truck drivers, and for this reason, nearly all of today's truck manufacturers usually incorporate a suspension system into their truck seats to help provide protection from potentially injurious and health-deteriorating shocks. 

Conventionally, truck seat cushions have been used to provide comfort to truck drivers, but they have also served as the primary means of minimising exposure to the vibrations. These days, however, almost every truck seat must come with a suspension system. When you are shopping around for new truck seats, you will need to choose from mechanical suspension seats and air suspension seats. 

Like truck suspensions, mechanical suspension seats employ coil springs and shock absorbers to attenuate unwanted shocks. Air suspension seats, on the other hand, use pressurised air to offset road surface issues and provide the desired shock protection. Generally speaking, these seats attract higher price tags, but the benefits they have to offer are far more superior.

Adjustability and support

Sitting posture has the potential to affect the health and personal driving comfort of your construction truck drivers, especially if they will be sitting behind the wheels for long hours. Improper sitting positions can cause severe back pain. For this reason, it is important for your drivers to change sitting positions while driving. The truck seats you choose must, thus, have at the very least have some adjustment features. Of course, your adjustable truck seats must be able to provide enough lumbar support for everyone, as people have different types of backs. Be sure to choose truck seats that can provide the required level of support at each position.

If you need help choosing the right truck seats for your fleet, feel free to contact a company that specialises in fitment or supply of truck seats for your particular truck brands.