Forklift Hire Tips

Hiring the right forklift for a construction job is not something you just wake up one morning and do; it is an activity that requires serious thought. If you need to hire forklift equipment for your construction project, there are various important things you will need to consider before you can request a forklift hire company for a contract. Carefully thinking through the following points can help you pick the correct forklift hire for your project, thus increasing chances of successful project completion.

Work capacity

You need forklift equipment at the construction site to essentially help lighten those tasks you consider to be heavy and time-consuming if done without the equipment. Thus, it is vital to know what the forklifts you intend the rent are capable of doing. Two crucial performance indicators you can check is the forklifts' lifting and height capacity. Ask yourself the following questions can help you choose the right forklift equipment for your project: How far do you require the forklift to reach? How many pounds of construction material should it be able to lift at maximum?


Most forklifts are not designed to be driven on regular road surfaces. Therefore, they usually require special transportation arrangements to move them to construction sites. Because forklift equipment are typically heavy and bulky, they can be cumbersome to transport. Unless you have invested in special hauling trucks and trailers, which are required to transport forklift equipment, you will need to enquire if the rental company provides delivery service. Find out if the cost of equipment delivery to your construction site is included in the price quotation. If the cost seems reasonable, then the forklift renter will have saved you a lot of hassle involved in delivering the equipment to the construction site safely and quickly.

Cost of power

Fuel costs often comprise a significant amount of the total costs required to operate forklift equipment. It, therefore, makes a lot of business sense to look for equipment models that are fuel-efficient when you are renting forklifts. There are a lot of fuel usage options to choose from ranging from diesel, petrol, LPG and even electric forklifts. Your choice of equipment for the construction project should be largely a matter of thorough cost analysis. For instance, there are times when international diesel prices escalate comparatively higher than that of petrol due to increased demand, especially by manufacturing and processing industries. In such situations, you can take advantage of the relatively cheaper prices of petrol to hire petrol forklifts. This way, you can cut on your fuel costs considerably.